Tuesday, April 20, 2010

is it just me-or does this stuff bother you too?

I think the two most important things are the health of the planet and the awareness of humans asking themselves a question-do I need it or do I want it?

The Planet is a given, but yet most of us choose to ignore the crisis because we may not be feeling the effects of global warming-we may see it, but do not FEEL it. Feel -not just physically, but mentally. Or maybe you do, but are ingoring it??? Do you know someone whose kids have asthma? Have you noticed changes in the weather? Do you or friends have to be on medications-say for anxiety or depression? These symptoms are typical of polluted environments.

If you start up your car in your garage, door closed, and have limited ventilation, after a while you will die. The planet is finite, it can only handle so much. But yet we continue to pollute it? Crazy.

So you auto makers have had the technolgy for years to put us in zero emission cars, and we, they and govt has know the negavite effects of CO2.  But yet we still let them build cars that ultimately poision us, our children, and our planet. We have cures to this cancer, but yet it is suppressed so people can line their pockets with money that will not help them when they are dying.

I think of it this way: If someone found a cure for cancer, but then hid it from the world so the current supply of cancer meds could be used up so the drug companies and associates would make money and not lose money, but millions of people die, even though there was a cure, would that not be criminal???

The same thing is happening today. The cancer(pollution, global warming, CO2). We have the technolgies to stop the majority of the poisions from going into the air, specically automobiles who use fossil fuels.  If a car company or govt has the technology to stop the cancer, but does not and keeps making and selling things that are posioning us and the planet-like the above scenario-millions of people are dying because of the CO2 pollution and worse the planet it dying. We dont need CO2 polluting cars-now the cure-electric, hydrogen, natural gas is available.

Hey, this is my planet too! I do not want to be posioned anymore. Nor, I assume, do you.

I asked a quesiton on Facebook the other day but go not response: When your kids come home form school, and they just learned they Autos are the #2 polluter/ and major cause of global pollution and they ask you: Why do we have so many cars, or a big suv, or why do we have something that hurts the planet, or do we really NEED our car?

What do you say?

Someday they, or you will ask.

I did  not edit any of this post or any others, I want to give to you what is on my mind. As most of you know I bike and walk for transportation. I see the pollution out there everday. I know no one can be totally Green unless you get naked and move to the woods. ;)

But I feel the need to share my thoughts and I hope you will share your thoughts with me-you dont have to agree, I welcome your opinion.

Tell me your thoughts?

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  1. Bill,
    Your comments are right on. I started riding my bike only 5 years ago because I was tired of driving, but along the way, biking has made me an avid environmentalist. The bicycle is more than liberating; it's revolutionary.
    Keep fighting the good fight.