Sunday, October 17, 2010

Limericks from friends of Car-free American

Car-free American Limericks

Every now and then I will, on the  Car-free American Facebook page start a limerick in hopes someone more talented and courageous than I will finish it (or at least create a new line so someone else can finish).

I applaud all who try,
                             boo to those
                                              who make no effort.

Last week I started one,
"There was once a old rusty bicycle by the sea..."

Paul Lieberman  wrote

"There was an old rusty bike by the sea
Which seemed like a big waste to me
If the owner had a brain
He'd put some lube on the chain
And then he'd start living car free. "

- composed on a bike ride

Don Claus wrote

"there once was a rusty bicycle by the sea,
that was owned by that careless McGee.
Oil he would not use,
to clean the bike he would refuse.
It was a waste of a good bike if you ask me 

Amy Pennington wrote a line: "That was swarmed by a hive of bees"
so I will try to finish...

                  "There once was a old rusty bicycle by the sea.
                   That was swarmed by a hive full of bees,
                    but the bike being old,
                     and now not so bold,
              decided to stay put and not flee!"

And back on September 29th I wrote:

"There was once a bicycle named Sue..."

Shane Harders wrote this:
"There was once a bicycle named Sue,
... she knew just what to do,
she took her rider fro and to,
where others would sit in traffic and stew,
Sue and her rider knew the right thing to do!
Save the planet and money,
...for fitness and fun,
Sue and her rider,
are a smart son-of-a-gun!"

And finally, on on September 27th and 28th, with the help of Ben McCall and Amy Pennington and of course me, we wrote this doozy...

"There is a car-free guy named Bill
who rode his bike up a giant hill
when he got to the top
he was winded and wheezing
but he smiled and said " that is ok, I do not mind being winded or wheezing, because riding my bike is, and you can imagine, incredibly pleasing"

Thanks to all those who participated and look out for the next Limerick Day on the car-free American Facebook page!