Thursday, October 14, 2010

This time it is about me.

Been awhile since I personally posted, so here you go.

I was riding the other day, and my pedal fell off, stripped completely, luckily I was only a couple of miles from my house. Note: in case you were wondering it is almost impossible to pedal with only one pedal.

I took the bike to the shop the next day, and saw they had a 2004 Fuji Touring bike ( barely ridden)that someone traded, just happen to be my size. So I bought it. I prefer 26in wheels, but have been having some 700cc withdrawls since i sold my 700cc Surly lht last fall. For the last year I have been riding my 45 lbs steel mountain bike which I love. Now I am riding this Touring bike and I gotta tell you, I am liking it. I am going so dang fast, it is scary, I forgot how much I love steel road bike. The Fuji will make day tours more doable and give me some more distance.

I am a big believer that all bicycles are good.  I like mixing it up.

Right now, I feel like I am a 260 pound Tour de France contender because of the difference in rides. Don't worry the Tour De France said no to my application...something about no cheeseburgers becuase of the steroid fed beef, "screw that, no cheeseburgers, no TDF!" ahhhh C'est la vie, maybe it is for the best.

I saw a cool bike touring group called Wheeled Migration from Chico, CA. Check it out. I may be heading out to Chico soon. I dig what they are all about: Look at the cool poster for their next ride!

I am diging the cool fall weather and I am almost done with my first book. Look out.

Peace until next time, see you on the road.

and remember...Live Free Or Drive! Bill


  1. Bill,
    Why did you sell your LHT? That's what I use for touring/commuting/everyday riding, and I couldn't be happier, even though I have three other bikes.


  2. Paul, I thought I would get a 26in lht, but just never did, but will in the future as i love the lht! This new touring bike only cost $400 and so far is performing as well as the trucker did, but does not feel as strong. i went riding in a feild today to get that pic by the old farm equipment. I like trying new bikes until i get bored then I end up going back to my Trek 820 that i turned into a bomb proof urban legend(that is until the stupid pedal fell off)! you cant go wrong with the lht!