Friday, December 23, 2011

Carfree Family of seven

A rare photo of all 7
Summer of 2011
 Can you have a Carfree Family?

A year ago, a Hillsboro family decided to get rid of their minivan.

Now the family of seven traverses the suburbs by bike. In this video, 15-year-old Vivianna talks about what the year has been like.

Thanksgiving is just like any day for our carfree family: food cooking before dawn, mom out for more before the store opens. Grateful for organic food, family, cycles, and the sun's brief appearance during a beautiful ride! November 24, 2011
We at Carfree American are so proud of this family of seven taking away the excuses of not being able to be carfree because of a family-they are proving YOU CAN HAVE A FAMILY AND BE CARFREE TOO!
You all are an inspriation!!!
See more pictures of the carfree family and let them know what you think on their
Happy Holidays and may you walk, bike, or ski for transportation this winter!