Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 things I have learned living car-free

1. Living carfree is very easy to do, but not convenient.

2. Cigarettes butts are all over the streets.

3. People pick their noses, a lot, in their cars, especially in morning rush hour

4. Bananas and raw nuts are good energy food.

5. There are a lot of stupid cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers on the roads; it is not surprising they hit each other.

6. More people smoke pot in their car than you would think.

7. Rain sucks, but thunderstorms are cool.

8. Wind makes me look at my “inner self.”

9. By living car-free, I am not any better than anyone else in this country.

10. Riding too much in the saddle makes my under side will get numb.

11. I am lucky to be alive.

12. Ice is really slippery.

13. Yeast infections happen to men too if they sweat a lot and do not change their shorts.

14. Losing weight can happen I eat less calories than I take in.

15. Everyday feels like I am on vacation.

16. Full moon night riding is very groovy.

17. I can drink and ride a bike at the same time…water or wine.

18. People who travel by foot or bicycle tend to be poetic and philosophical in their thinking.

19. I do not have to have a car to live…at least as a single person.

20. There is no place I cannot get to by walking or bicycle as long as I have time.

21. People in poorer neighborhoods tend to be friendlier to a cyclist as the bicycle itself is essentially a “classless” way to travel.

22. I do not need any special clothes, pedals, gear to commute, or take long rides on my bicycle.

23. Blinking lights are very important when riding at night.

24. Not all people should ride a bike for transportation.

25. Most people are friendly.

26. Bicycling is good for my health: Physically, mentally, financially, environmentally, and my community.

27. My favorite music for long rides (I don’t listen while I bike, but I hear it in my head…and sing it outloud) is : Bob Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Bob Seger, Eagles.

28. I love seeing wildlife, but hate seeing roadkill.

29. Helmets are important, but not always needed.

30. I always have fun.

Tell me some of yours!

Pictures of carfree living

Monday, November 5, 2012

Gentlemen stand up please!

Gentlemen, time to stand up and be the man you should be. No more whining about; the things you do not have. Time to take full responsibility for your actions and be the MAN you always wanted to be but for whatever reason have fallen short.

Dressing like a gentleman is the first step to your new life.

Transportation alternatives need not be an impediment towards  poor appearances.

And you do not have to drive a car to dress well!

One should watch what one eats. The bicycle, as I am sure you'll agree, does have limits.

Your gentleman diet vegetables and protein.

Beer or wine.
Tailors are hard to find.

Finding the right tailor is important to your transportational wardrobe.

Once you find one, you must never, ever, share his name with anyone else, even upon pain of death, so you will be able to always have him available at a moments notice.

 Ah, the 1880s, Cyclings "Golden Years."

These chaps knew how to dress. Notice the class and functionality.

Even a chap named Tom Birtels, from Australia, was able to dress well in the Outback.

The gentleman who is bicycling touring does not have to skimp on quality.

Wool is your friend, do not forget it!

Stan, now 84ish, from Kansas City, bicycles for transportation on a regular basis.

Seen here, Stan is a man who knows the importance of style while transporting onesself by bicycle.

There are days you will feel lost.

No reason.

Dressing well, will helping you find love.

Even in the heat, one can dress to accommodate the climate.

So get off your arse, find a tailor, buy some nice clothes. And go for a bike ride.
Be a gentleman.