Monday, November 5, 2012

Gentlemen stand up please!

Gentlemen, time to stand up and be the man you should be. No more whining about; the things you do not have. Time to take full responsibility for your actions and be the MAN you always wanted to be but for whatever reason have fallen short.

Dressing like a gentleman is the first step to your new life.

Transportation alternatives need not be an impediment towards  poor appearances.

And you do not have to drive a car to dress well!

One should watch what one eats. The bicycle, as I am sure you'll agree, does have limits.

Your gentleman diet vegetables and protein.

Beer or wine.
Tailors are hard to find.

Finding the right tailor is important to your transportational wardrobe.

Once you find one, you must never, ever, share his name with anyone else, even upon pain of death, so you will be able to always have him available at a moments notice.

 Ah, the 1880s, Cyclings "Golden Years."

These chaps knew how to dress. Notice the class and functionality.

Even a chap named Tom Birtels, from Australia, was able to dress well in the Outback.

The gentleman who is bicycling touring does not have to skimp on quality.

Wool is your friend, do not forget it!

Stan, now 84ish, from Kansas City, bicycles for transportation on a regular basis.

Seen here, Stan is a man who knows the importance of style while transporting onesself by bicycle.

There are days you will feel lost.

No reason.

Dressing well, will helping you find love.

Even in the heat, one can dress to accommodate the climate.

So get off your arse, find a tailor, buy some nice clothes. And go for a bike ride.
Be a gentleman.

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