Monday, April 26, 2010

carfree stories from the road

Mike, is the butcher at a local grocery store. He is a little "tilted," but a great guy. He commutes by bike all year round. No helmet, headphones, rides in weather I would not ride in-wearing clothes I would not wear for their lack of protection. His commute is only about three miles each way.  Mike only rides bikes he finds when people are throwing them away; the brakes rarley work, tires are mostly flat, the chain is rusty, and there are only a couple of gears that work. Sound dangerous? Not really, he is careful, and they sound like the bikes I had as a kid. Mike rides everyday, and I mean, EVERYDAY, in all weather. He only rides for transportation, he does not own or drive a car. He always is smiling, and always waves hello.

I was on the Tomahawk Greenway Trail on a few days ago when I took the next pic. It was dusk and I came upon a young deer grazing along the side of the trail. I stopped a few feet away, We stared at each other for a few minutes and I marveled at its friendliness. As I started to go past it, it ran across the trail and I took this pic with my phone. I love how the picture turned out, very Monet like, impressionistic.

Peace on the road! Bill

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