Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new logo-what do you think?

Logo design from Jeanne Barnhill
I think she has captured what it means to be carfree and an American. I am interested in your thoughts. The carfreeAmerican project is about a the promotion of living carfree or carlite in America.
Why the emphasis on America? Mostly because cars and America are synonomous. I think carfreeAmerican are a oxymoron---no not moron.
Also there is so much hooey that the Europeans somehow are smarter than we Americans are when it comes to the carfree/ carlite lifestyle. Well sure in someplaces they maybe ahead, but I am confident we Americans can and will take up the benefits of the being carfreeAmericans.
Why do I put the word carfreeAmerican all together? I am breaking all sorts of rules I know, but that is why, I want it to look different, special, cool, and groovy. To me carfreeAmerican is one word and being carfree or carlite we can change the world by having ; healthier lifestyle, cleaner environment, and more fun. You are a carfreeAmerican!
So, let me know what you think of the logo, the movement, the project. We are in this together and a work in progress. I tend to ramble.
Bill Poindexter, carfreeAmerican

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