Friday, March 12, 2010

friday fun-10 reasons to ride a bike for transport?

some fun from friends,

but we never got to 10 ...maybe YOU can add more.

carfreeAmerican asks: top ten reasons to ride a bike for transportation: 1. ?
(our FaceBook page)

Ben says :
It's a great way to stay in shape!
Yesterday at 12:40pm ·

Virgilio patriotically says:
Yesterday at 12:42pm ·

Ben ad
Yesterday at 12:46pm ·

Noah of KC Bike Commuting says:
Free parking pretty much anywhere!
Yesterday at 1:11pm ·

Randy Rasa of Kansas Cyclist can come up with three!
1. Fun 2. Frugal 3. Fitness
Yesterday at 1:39pm ·

F.C. Watts has the most insightful:
Everbody looks sexier on a bike!

Think of any others, then let those creative juices flow and add more!

Have a happy friday and peace !

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