Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Book Review- Simply Car-free eBook

carfreeAmerican Book Review-
Simply Car-free eBook,
by Tammy Strobel
A talented writer, Tammy Strobel recently completed her first book, Simply Car-free. A story of how she and her husband, Logan Smith, transitioned from a “traditional American middle class lifestyle" to a more favorable way of living.
“The book is a series of small guides that will help you transition to a car-free lifestyle,” she states at the beginning of the book. The flavor of the book resembles a friend writing letters with brilliant pieces of advice which made even this seasoned carfree American craving more.

Little things like learning about the term, “affluenza,” or the section on “carfree grocery shopping” are fun, humorous, insightful, and to the point. I welcome the lack of fluff in this book; Strobel focused on the quality of the material, rather than quantity of pages and at 80 pages makes this a quick read indeed.

Strobel is knowledgeable, insightful, but has no problem with steering the reader toward an expert opinion via links: like the Rivendell article, The Shoes Ruse.

Strobel encourages people, all people, to try the carfree lifestyle. Benefits you will experience: better health, financial security, environmental awareness, self awareness, sense of community, and a simple lifestyle.
I wish I had Simply Car-free in my library when I started my carfree journey ten years ago it would have made my transition much easier and less painful!

I highly recommend this book!

Simply Car-Free went on sale Monday, March 1. The price is $9.95 for the first 500 people who download the book; thereafter the price will go up to $12.99. The first 3 chapters are available to preview prior to purchasing the book.

Bill Poindexter
http://www.poindexterrecruiting.com/ a carfree company.


  1. Thank you Bill! I'm so happy you found the book helpful and informative. :)


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