Saturday, March 20, 2010

last snow???

I woke up to snow! Yesterday it was 60f and today I have to trudge in the white stuff, sure it is beatiful, but I am ready for the warmth of Spring. People were gawking at me walking along in the snow with my treking poles. Of course,  it could have been the fact I had shorts on, but it was 30f, low wind, so shorts wore well.

I am feeling the pull of the mountains, either the Rockies or the Sierra's, makes no difference I have hiked them both. I took an Outward Bound trip, have you ever done that? I great organization! I did 22 days in the Sierra Nevada at Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park for hiking, alpine mountaineering, and rock climbing.

I hope you are walking and biking everywhere you go!

PS Let me know if you like the logo!


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