Monday, February 15, 2010

walking on 4 legs

15f degrees, partly cloudy, new snow on ground, a walk into my offices. A 4o min walk and I am use the cold it does not bother me. I used my Leki Trekking poles today- four legs are better than two when there is ice and snow involved. I have alot of people as me, "Did you walk or bike today." and they will scan the area around me for signs of my transportation mode-eg a bike helmet.
"I wish I could do that" they say next. ??? Aaaaaa hello you can! So can you. Driving has it's good points too, but walking and biking is so dang much fun!
Not having to shovel the driveway is good too, but my driveway is now a bikeway/walkway!
Is not owning a car really a good thing??? What are your thoughts?

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