Monday, February 22, 2010

Morning commute- things i think about while walking

18f degrees. Crunch, crunch, crunch is the sound I hear as I walk to work. Ice and snow the last couple of days have layered the ground. The air is cold, but clean. The sun keeps peering though the clouds, rays bouncing off the ice covered tree branches. Crunch, crunch. I love walking. I spend most of my time biking for transportation, but when winter shows up I walk. Winter is a slow season to me and walking fits well in it. Living in a world of speed and instant gratification, walking can get one back to a balance of days past.

When I walk I realize I can only go so fast, so why fight it, look at the world around, take a breath smell the air, feel the earth(snow and ice) below, listen to the birds singing for warmer days.

As on most days I walk here in the American suburbs, I am alone. I walk past homes and watch people scurry from front door to car door, acting as though they will freeze to death if they do not get to the car fast enough. I walk, and feel alive. I feel right with the world and at the same time I feel sorry for the impeding doom with overpopulation's, poison clouds from exhaust of autos, animals displaced from urban sprawl, lands doomed because of the false need for more housing. It is truly, madness.

I walk alone, I walk alone, I walk alone...people pass me in their little metal comfort zones, children's faces pressed against the windows as though they were looking at some zoo exhibit or some carnival freak, but what they all don't realize is that I am just a carfree American..

I make it to my destination and my mind pops back to the real world, but I long for another walk.



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