Thursday, February 25, 2010

bike commuting in winter-easier than you think!

15f degrees, sunny, slight wind. I have been walking more the last few days in the morning and riding in the evenings. I am always amazed of the beauty of the world from atop a bicycle.

When it is cold like this, the primary issue is not getting frostbite. It is not so much the cold as it is the wind generated while on the bike. But to the novices out there, or the cyclists that think it is too cold ride-it is fine to ride! Just wear warm clothes with good ventilation. If you are only going a short distance wear what you want!
My gear today: helmet with Nashbar rain cover (keeps head warm), Bolle' vigilante sunglasses, fleece skull cap, fleece neck gaiter, one light weight long sleeve micro polyester t shirt, one Patagonia fleece jacket, a Mt Borah cycling wind breaker, Pearl Izumi winter gloves, Columbia micro fleece pants, Smartwool socks, and Vasque light weight hikers. That's it!

My focus in riding is to be comfortable and have clothes and gear that makes sense for the weather. There is a myth that you have to wear all cycling only gear, that is not true, your can wear whatever makes sense for you-there is allot of flexibility there! For instance in winter I wear hiking boots rather than clipless shoes if there is ice and snow, just so I can get my feet down quickly if I slip,and it is a nice change from being clipped in the rest of the year and makes me focus more on the pedal stoke.

I love riding in all weather and all year!

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