Friday, February 12, 2010

No Pants!

I love riding my bike! Especially in shorts, in winter, below freezing! I know its a little nutty, but when you are carfree and in the elements every time you go somewhere your body acclimates to the temps. What would have been a uncomfortable ride three months ago was fantastic today.

Morning bike commute, 29f degrees, and sunny.

Since this a new blog, I am still finding my voice in my writing. I think it is important for you the readers to know more about me. Ask me anything?

Here is a good bio in the form of a article from the League of American Bicyclists and a podcast done by Randy Rasa of
carfree American tip 2: Survival tip. Understand you are invisible to a car-centric world. You are out on a walk or a bike ride, the people who drive cars are not paying attention to pedestrians or cyclists. Just assume they don't see-you will live longer. Be aware.

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  1. Shorts in Winter is a LOT nutty. The old rule of thumb is to keep your knees covered at less than 70°F to avoid knee problems.

    Individuals have different tolerances, of course, and the rule may been targeted more towards competitive cyclists than utility cyclists, but it's one I generally try to follow.

    Thanks for the podcast mention. Just wanted to let folks know that they can either listen directly from the web site, or download the podcasts to their MP3 player.

    Question: How does gear choice -- bike, clothing, accessories -- differ when living car-free, compared to recreational cyclists? Do you tend to buy higher-end products, knowing you'll be using them nearly every day?