Thursday, January 26, 2012

83 year old bike commuter-Stan

I met Stan this morning while having coffe at a Panera in Prairie Village, Kansas.

He is an 83 year old Bike commuter

 This is Stan, he lives in Kansas City Missouri.

He has been commuting by bicycle for the 30 years. As you can see by his attire Stan is living proof you can where regular street clothes while bicycling.

Stan's commute this day is 6 miles round trip, he usually rides more but just got out of the hospital, so he says his endurance is down. At 83, he is an inspiration.

I hope I am able to ride like him at 83!

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  1. Way to go Stan. There's no secret to it, just do it every day you can. I'm your age and on the bike almost every day. I'm seeing more older riders in our small town in northeast Arkansas and older ladies on tricycles. Word is getting around that the way to stay alive and healthy is to stay active. I've read accounts of two gentlemen in California, one 95y/o who rides 12 miles a day and another 104 y/o who regularly rides a tricyle, now that's impressive.