Friday, January 6, 2012

Transportation Law of 4.

Carfree American has developed the, "Transportation Law of 4" or TL4.  TM

Simply put, TL4 encourages people to think about, and try, alternative transportation before they jump in their car for a trip to the Quik Shop for a soda.

For driving adults: TL4 works like this, you need or want to go somewhere.

You ask yourself this question first: "Can I walk, bicycle, or take mass transit?" Then you ask yourself, "or should I take the car."

Four options.

For children and non driving folks: When you are going someplace with a driver, again ask yourself, and then ask driver, "Can we walk, bicycle, or take mass transit? Or do we have to take a car?"

There are times when the car is a good choice and necessary.Walking, bicycling, and/or mass transit may be a better choice. It is always nice to have other options.

I am comforted knowing I have access to a car anytime. I can borrow a neighbors, take a taxi, or rent a car. I have borrowed a car six times since being carfree.

TL4 is something to think about. I would like to encourage you to try this for one month. Let me know if you are game and I will do a follow up story on you.

The alternatives ways to transport yourself are cool and fun.

And besides,

You can always drive your car.

Peace and happy roads,


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