Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can you help and support Carfree American?

Our cause needs your help! Yes it is your cause too. :)

My focus and passion are strong, promoting: better physical and mental health, a healthier and cleaner environment, better and healthier community relationships, and saving people money so they can invest in their families. All the above are the results of living carfree or carlite lifestyles. That is the mission

I have projects, programs, and ideas in the works that I have shared and will be sharing.

Here are a few:

Interviews of people who live the carlite or carfree lifestyle, how they do it,  and what they have gained from it. For exampe: Amie's in Reno, James in Denver, or Brent in Kansas City

Techniques and tips: like TL4 or Transportation Law of 4, changing thinking for personal transportation from just jumping in a car and going. Instead asking yourself, "Can I walk, bike, take mass transit, or a combination of the three, or do I have to take the car."

Upcoming book- How To Live: Without A Car-tales from the streets

Pitching a idea to some companies and DOT's for a game to increase Drivers awareness of; pedestrians, disabled, children, cyclists, and anmials. The game is calls Looking for the Five or Look5.

I was asked to write an article for the new Adventure Cycling website: which focuses on the fact people can have great cycling adventures just a short distance from their homes. That is suppose to come out on April 4th.

This summer I am mapping out a bicycle route for the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route-A National Historic Trail and will be working in conjunction with the National Park Service. The trail is 680 miles long and goes through nine states, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA. The significance of the trail is this is the route the French and American Armies took, in 1781 on their way to capture and defeat the English at the Battle of Yorktown. The trail itself is well established, but not well planned for bicyclist. The NPS is trying to get more people to visit their Parks, Scenic Trails , and National Historic Trails on top of a bicycle so as to promote less congestion and pollution. I will be officially announcing this in the next few weeks. You heard it here first.

All these things take time and money. Yep, I need your help. If you find value in this blog, the Facebook pages, these projects, the mission, my passion for making this a healthier world, please make an in-kind donation. This started out a hobby and I am making it a passionate cause for the good on the grassroots level. There is no profit as all monies will go towards making these projects, and future ones, a reality. You will be making people, the environment, and communites healthier.

What do you get out of it?

The satisfaction of knowing you are helping someone who wants to make a difference, you will be a part of this in a actively passive way. Honestly that is all I can give right now. Your name will go up in lights as a sponsor. 

I am also looking for people to help with these ideas and may be looking for some people to go on the working tour this summer, fyi.

With your support all these things will happen.
Thank you,

You can always reach me at bill@poindexterrecruiting too.

 10 reasons to bicycle for transportation from people just like YOU!










  1. Thanks to Randy Rasa, Carolyn Suffern, and Adam Gatewood for their generous donations! Your help make a difference.

  2. One's sincere help always counts! I feel grateful with those people who backs you up and effectively provided you with the support you needed.