Monday, April 16, 2012

Interview with Carfree American

From World Carfree News Association....Planet Earth Series
by John Cutty

We are here today with Bill Poindexter, aka Carfree American.

CA: Hi John, thanks for having me.

JC: How long have you lived with out a car?

CA: This June will be my third year Anniversary of living Carfree. I have done it before in spurts, but this is the longest I have been carfree.

JC: Why do you not own a car? I mean, you are not normal, right?

CA: Hehe, normal is a relative term, wouldn't you say. In America, and much of the planet, owning a car is considered normal. A few years ago I realized I would rather live without a car than with one. I found living carfree forces me; to stay physically and mentally fit, I pollute much less, I interact with my local community more, and I save money. To me, my life is normal...everyone who is reliant to their car is abnormal.

JC: That is a strong statement.

CA: Strong but true. I know there are good uses for car travel, but I feel we as a society, should look at it as a last resort for transportation. For example, when you get up in the morning you should ask yourself where do you have to be that day. Then ask:

"Can I walk, bicycle, or take mass transit?"

The car should be the last resort. A healthy body, mind, environment, and community should be a priority. Living carfree is a way to promote that healthy lifestyle.

JC: Certainly, more people would be healthier if they walked or bicycled for transportation. What is your favorite mode of transportation?

CA: Right now I have to say walking. I recently moved to an area where there are grocery stores, restaurants, theaters, drug store, dentists, doctors, library, all with in a three mile radius of my home. If I need, or want, to go to a place further away I take my

JC: What is the hardest thing about being carfree?

CA: Extreme bad weather, or when you are sick with flu.

JC: Do you sometimes wish you had a car?

CA: Sure, but just for a minute, then I walk or bike somewhere, my senses come alive and I wonder why I missed the car. Or, occasionally I will catch a ride with someone or use a taxi, but then I always feel like the journey would have been nicer from the seat of a bicycle. I guess you might call it "temporary autoholic insanity" as it is like even though I have been without, I still feel like I need it. It is nuts.

JC: Bill, that is all the time we have today. Thank you for your time and insight on living carfree.

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