Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vanessa's story-no helmet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman on a bicycle was struck by a truck near the Country Club Plaza on Tuesday morning.

Witnesses told police the woman on the bike had the right of way on the busy street near West 46th Terrace and J.C. Nichols Parkway.
She was pedaling north on J.C. Nicols Parkway when a truck travelling south made a left turn and struck her.
Witnesses said she was hurt badly but looked conscious when medics took her by ambulance to an area hospital.

"One year ago today(September 16th, 2008), I was in a bicycle accident during my bike ride to work (as I mentioned in my previous post). I was riding my bike 0.9 miles from my apartment to work when a couple in their 70's made a left turn in front of me with their Chevy Silverado pickup. I hit the truck broadside, with my head hitting the passenger side window. I then hit the pavement and was briefly unconscious. When the ambulance arrived they noted finding me in a small pool of blood, I was intermittently agitated and confused with a Glasgow coma scale of 14 (whatever that means)."

"I don't recall the accident or the ambulance arriving to take me to the hospital (which was less than half a mile away) but I do remember lying on the emergency room table as my clothes were cut off of me and a nurse talked to me. She asked me general head trauma questions, like "Do you know what year it is?" and "Do you know who the President is?" I suffered from a fractured skull with a small amount of brain hemorrhaging. I couldn't move on the emergency room table, and I remember having a really difficult time answering the nurse's questions. I was able to answer them correctly, and to my amazement even rattle off the phone number to my mother's work so the hospital could notify her of the accident. X-rays showed I had broken my jaw and right clavicle and fractured my left clavicle. I was also suffering from a bad case of double vision, whirling vertigo (a.k.a. room spins) and was temporarily paralyzed on the left side of my face."

"I always wear a helmet now.....even a short ride can go horribly wrong and change your life forever."
Read the rest of Vanessa's amazing story on her blog and find out more about her recovery and some of the positive things that came form the experience back in 2008.
I talked to Vanessa a couple of weeks ago to ask her if I could share her story, and if, after 2 1/2 years after the accident if she still wears a helmet?
She said, "Of course you can share my story - yes I still wear a helmet all the time. :) "

Vanessa and her husband Brian

Wear a helmet or not?
I have heard all the arguements for and against. I have found personally it comes down to two things: personal choice for adults, and responsible adults teaching their children bicycle safety. I personally always wear a helmet and always will.
Vanessa's story speaks for itself so I will end this post here.
Let me know your thoughts.


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