Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First year highlights, pictures, and stats

These helmets were donated with the help of carfree American
by the Brain Injury Foundation
 Carfree American- the first year                   

CFA Blog views last month about 2,456 +
CFA Facebook views last month about 11,000+

There are about 300 fans signed up on the blog and Facebook page

People from all over the planet are looking at the sight –the top viewers are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Poland, South Korea, India, Russia, France, Argentina, Romania, and Portugal.

Top three viewed posts

People interviewed for Carfree American-all either carfree or carlite and all advocates for alterative transportation.

1. Mike Reiman-Retired musician

Mike Reiman
2. Ami Lamb-Geologist

3. James Osborne-blogger

4. Mia Birk- author, President of Alta Planning and Design, adjunct Professor
5. Abby-Lawyer in KC

6. Kat Marriner-Graphic Designer and travels world with husband Willie Weir

7. Max Poletto-cycling advocate

8. Elizabeth Kiker-VP of League of American Bicyclists

9. Julie VanMater-Graphic Designer

Andy Cline

10. Helen McConnell-Food and Beverage Manager

11. Brent Hugh-Director of the Missouri Bicycle Federation

12. Andy Cline- Professor of Journalism

13. Kelly Benjamin-Pro Cyclist

14. Bob- White collar gig

15. Darren Alff-Traveler and Online biz owner for bike touring

16. Clarence Eckerson, Jr-Director of Video Production for Streetfilms

17. Eric Rogers-Web Developer and transportation advocate

Tammy Strobel
18. Noah Dunker-blogger

19. Keith Gates-Systems Analyst, blogger

20. Tammy Strobel-blogger, author, consultant

21. Evan P. Schneider- Editor, Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac

22. Laurie Chipman-Illustrator and graphic designer

 Guests posts:
Tammy Strobel-Writer and photgrapher

Corinna West-Writer, speaker, poet, photographer, mental health advocate.

Tamia Nelson-Writer and photographer

I learned a lot this year and I am thankful for the experience. I hope that people have enjoyed and found the site useful.

Thanks to people who helped and encouraged me along the way.

The streets of Kansas City
Special thanks to Randy Rasa of the website http://www.kansascyclist.com/ for his advice, friendship, and promotion of the site.

Thanks to Allan at http://www.ecovelo.info/ for their advice on blogging and writing.

Thanks to people who comment on the Facebook page on a regular basis http://www.facebook.com/#!/carfreeAmerican I really appreciate it-Don, Helen, Caroline, Rui, Aaron, Tim, Zeke, and all the rest!

Thanks to other sites or people who promote the site. Thank you for your help!

Good health and cleaner environment

The Future?
I have some cool projects planned will be announcing in the next few weeks, and I will be on the lookout for people who have stories to share with you all.

If you have any thoughts or comments about the blog or FB page I would love to hear them.

Logo Designer:

One last thanks to Jeanne Barnhill for the carfree American logo design, she did it pro bono for me and I really appreciate her help!!! Here is her email address is you would like some design work done amgrafx@earthlink.net and she can be found on Facebook too.

Thank you all!

Peace, Bill

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