Monday, July 26, 2010

Tips to beat the heat from some car-free/lite friends

  • Car-free American Facebook Survey Question: What tips do you have for fellow car-free/lite comrades to beat the heat?

      • Iris Pie -I get out and do my errands in the early morning before it gets too hot, and lay low in the hottest hours of the day...
      • carfree American- I move slow.
      • Don Claus- I find I can acclimate myself to the heat somewhat. After a good ride during the hottest part of the day the other parts don't seem so hot. Although I should say that I've come close to heat stroke and most people take my advice as a good basis for what not to do.
      • Evan P Schneider- Sweating is a natural, whole-body cleanse. Cycling in the heat, therefore, is like a sauna on wheels.
      • Helen McConnell- Ride slow, drink lots of water :-)

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