Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Event- One year anniverary


July 15th is my one year anniversary of being Car-Free and tenth year anniversary of living Car-Lite. I am inviting you to celebrate this day with me by spending it

Car-Free(use of no car), or Car-Lite(part time use of car, walk, or bike).

This a celebration for you, not me. You will benefit and promote : good health, cleaner environment/ less pollution, support of your community, savings money, teaching youth about responsible and alternative transportation modes, and, of course, having fun.

Learn about my life without a car and others who live life car-free/lite at www.carfreeamerican.com

Please let me know your experiences. If you want to walk or bike with me, let me know. Wear a helmet.

Suggestions of how to spend all or part of the day:

Bike or walk (by yourself, or with your friends and family)to: work, school, camp, pool, beach, store, shopping, park, around your neighborhood, with friends, gym, any place you travel too.

So may you enjoy the day, walk or bike to all or some of the places you go. Try this life style for one day as I do for 365 days.

I will see you on the road!

Peace and Happiness

Bill (Car-Free American).

Share with your friends! You may save a life.

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