Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Presidential Speech I would like to hear

Health. Without good health you have nothing.

My fellow Americans,

Ask not what your car can do for you, but what you can do without your car.

Without good health we have nothing.

It is my contention we have become a society of self destructive behaviors, which could be our doom if we do not make some simple changes.

The primary focus of my Presidency will be to focus on the Health of the country.

First the physical and mental health of the people.
Second, the health of the environment.
Thirdly the health of the community.

The people:
The health of the population will be the largest determining factor of the health of the country. Without good health, people cannot take care of themselves, or their families. They cannot hold jobs effectively. They become dependent on health care, when in fact they should be able to take care of themselves. Mental and physical health illness, in most cases can be reversed by living a lifestyle of good nutrition, exercise, feeling of self worth from a job, and a community that recognizes them as an important part of the whole. Making some simple changes will, I promise you, achieve a healthier society. For instance, people asking themselves simple questions before they leave their home can change their thinking and health for the better, like; “Can I walk, bicycle, to my destination or do I have to take mass transit, or a combination?” or “Do I need this, or do I want this?”

Thomas Jefferson, who suffered from depression, said he felt the happiest when he walked for three hours a day around the grounds of Monticello.

The health of the environment is of paramount importance. We are the stewards of our environment and MUST take full responsibility. Too long we Americans have lived with the attitude of having choices when it comes to the environment. I am here to sternly say, we do not have a choice. For our future generations we HAVE to make changes NOW! One of the primary things we must do is limit car use. The car should be used as a last resort when it comes to transportation and travel for us to have a healthy environment. Benefits will be cleaner air, less noise, visual beauty, and a feeling of doing what is right. No one can argue if you turn on a car in a garage and close the door the room will fill with poisonous gases and you will die. Think of the planet is a big garage, and it can only handle so much of the poisons. Yes my example if childishly simple, but it proves its point.

The health of the community is necessary. We are social beings. We need interaction, self worth, neighbor support, and friends . Stronger communities will: bring better education, more jobs, stable businesses, financially stable people, happier families, cleaner environments, less crime, and better physical and mental health. Communities must become smaller not larger, and more of them. The days of the American to hop in the car and drive 20 miles, unnecessarily, to take their family to dinner, when numerous local restaurants are within walking or bicycling distance are numbered.

Neighbor helping neighbor is how this great country was founded. Communities will make America stronger as a whole.

Let us get America healthy again and show the world we are a great country. Let me also say it is important to understand we all share the planet and must get along. I believe we can live together in peace as long as we all take steps to create…no….make a healthy society by taking care of our; personal, environment, and community health.

Simple techniques like changing our thinking toward better health. Like before you leave your home you ask, can I walk or bicycle to my destination, then, or do I have to take mass transit, or maybe a combination of the three, and then do you ask: do I have to car pool or take the car. By living this way you will be promoting the above heath and making the world a better place.

Being aware of the universal law of Cause and Effect. Our actions have consequences. Good or bad.
Change is easy. You may be uncomfortable, but that is normal part of change.

Folks, one last thing. Time is not a luxury we have. People are unhealthy, the environment is sick, and communities are being disbanded by urban sprawl and overuse of cars. Waiting for the time bomb to explode is stupid, when we all have the ability, intelligence, and good sense to make the change needed.

So, let us, together, make America a healthy place to live.

Carfree American

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