Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bicycling Across American: Profile of Eric Xu

This weekend I had the opportunity to host my first Warmshowers cyclist, Eric Xu who is bicycling from NJ all the way to Seattle, Washington! Even though Eric was only here for about 13 hours because of a Shape Note singing performance (see video) he needed to get to in Lawrence, Kansas. We had a great time hanging out learning about each other.

Eric, a Wallstreet Analyst/ Shape Note singer/ Bicycle Tourist/ Philosopher, was alot fun to host.

If you are not a host on  you may want to consider it, the experience of opening up your home to the world can be a very rewarding and rich experience.

 This first video is Eric explaining his trip and giving some tips.

If you think you may be on the route Eric is taking and might be a host you can find him at Warmshowers and at facebook

This second video is Eric explaining his use of flowers to pacify would be aggressive drivers as he crosses the United States...this a excellent cycling touring tip by Eric showing his use of ..."Flower Power!"

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