Friday, July 15, 2011

Anniversary-2 years without a car!

Parent shopping with daughter by bike
 Two years living without a car. Living in a car-centric town, this has been no easy feat in the winter in below -0f weather or now in the 100f + heat index days. But it has been very rewarding, as a matter of fact, one can say I have completely incorporated the carfree lifestyle into my existence and guess what, it works!

Everything from the profiles to the Cycling W3R Expedition are a direct result of this lifestyle.

Dogs walking human

I believe with all my being that people should live carlite or carfree whenever they get a chance. The mission holds true:

getting gas for lawn mower
 To promote the carfree/ lite lifestyle and see the health benefits: Personal, Environmental, and Community.

Here are some pictures showing carfree

Homeless guy in KS

Coyote guarding my bike

Art the committed commuter




there is soooo much freedom in
bicycling for transportation
 Peace, Bill

If you would like to share your Carfree or Carlite life with us...go for it! We would love to hear from you!

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