Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Riding the bus can be an adventure

My first time using a bike rack on bus
How do you ride a bus?
On April 16th, in Kansas City, there is a "How to ride the bus" clinic.

April 16: Waldo, 75th & Wornall, on the far side of the CVS parking lot, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Almost sounds silly, but in these days of high gas prices many people want transportation options. Here in Kansas City the bus is the only mass transit option.

I remember the first time I put the bike in the bike rack on the bus, it was intimidating.

"According to the American Public Transportation Association, riding public transportation saves individuals, on average, $9,904 annually and $825 per month based on the March 4, 2011 average national gas price ($3.47 per gallon-reported by AAA) and the national unreserved monthly parking rate."

But be well assured, it is all easy and there is not reason for embarrassment. Everyone had to have a first time.

Giving yourself more options for transportation can be fun. Make a game of it, and instead of thinking of it as something daunting. This of it as an adventure-map it out and explore.
So walk, bike, or take mass transit.
Peace, Bill
A starter kit for bus riding in KS

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