Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Product Review-Arkel Tail Rider

Tail Rider from Arkel.
After 6+ years and more than 40,000 miles of commuting, S24Os, and micro adventuring, through four seasons every year, in all weather(even a blizzard, numerous thunderstorms, 100f + degree heat, hail, sub zero temps, etc.), the Tail Rider is my choice for a trunk bag.
From Arkels site:
"In a nutshell: People sure are vocal about what they want - and it suits us just fine! Arkel has designed what might be the sleekest trunk bag available. A single glance shows how different it is: sleek, uncluttered and aerodynamic. The Tail Rider is fully insulated, has an immense opening, many internal pockets and a divider to keep the content from shifting around. Waterproof zippers keep a sudden rain outside, but for longer rides the Tail Rider has an integrated rain cover. That's sweet! A built-in expansion bellow will stretch for more carrying capacity when needed. Finally wrap it all with lots of safety features and the package is the best you can wish for short or long rides alike!"

Love the built in raincover!
I love the Tail Rider, I have been commuting now for 10 years and tried different trunk bags, but none had the durability, functionality, nor the room of the Tail Rider.
 I cannot say anything bad about it.

The color has faded on it over the years, but I see that as a badge of honor rather than a negative.

Arkel's customer service is excellent too, over the years I had questions about the Tail Rider and other products and I always received a quick responses from the owner and great answers to my questions.

Being a carfree American and bicycle commuter I have to have a product I can rely on 100% of the time. Arkel is that company, the Tail Rider is that product. Thank you Arkel!

Tail Rider
$108.95 US
Two colors: Red and Black


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