Monday, August 9, 2010

Helping kids and learning about bus bike racks!

This weekend I was helping the founders of RevolveKC, a local not for profit promoting cycling, bike education, and bike safety,  and Family Bicycles, a local bike shop that in my opinion works hard to champion cycling in KC.

There was kids helmet give away at the Back to School Rally sponsored by Rockhurst College

My job: I measured the heads of the kids to insure proper fit. Great fun to help the kids.

In the yellow shirt (above picture)-Elizabeth Bejan, Executive Director of Revolve KC and green shirt(to the left), Theresa Van Ackeren, owner Family Bicycles of KC.

Both wonderful people and busy bicycling advocates.

They gave about 70 helmets out to the youth at the event. Bravo!

There was a Hybrid City Bus at the event.

I have rarely felt the need to take a bus anywhere as I always bike or walk for transportation,  but with last winters snows, and this weeks forecast of 100f + degree weather I thought I was a good time to learn how to use the bike rack on the bus, just in case.

To my surprise the bus rack system was easy to use.

Enjoy the week and happy car-free or car-lite transportation: supporting better health, cleaner environment, saving money, and supporting local community.
Peace, Bill

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