Wednesday, August 11, 2010

creative way to keep cool on the bicycle while commuting

100f + today...again heat index at 110-115f and street temps are 120+! Hot and we are in Kansas City not the desert or the tropics.

Bicycling for transportation is a lifestyle more people are gravitating towards. Inclimate weather is just part of the experience the walker or bicyclist deals with.

Finding ways to stave off heat exhaustion  in mid summer is of interest to the committed bicycle commuter. I usually keep my rides short and I move slower than normal.

But others are more creative...

My friend Art has been commuting by bicycle from his home in Shawnee to Prairie Village for about 6 years now. I met Art when I was teaching Yoga in 2003. He works in the building we used for classes.

Art, as most bicycle commuters, is creative.

I stopped to talk to him today on my way to work.

I saw some odd looking tube sticking up around his neck, it looked more like a catheter for an IV or insulin injector, so I had to ask, "what the heck is that?!"

"It my mister, man." he said, "Gotta keep cool in this heat."

"Aren't you the smart one," I thought!

"It works really well!" he said. "A family member bought it for me."

Standing next to him I was amazed on the amount of mist it produced.

"All you have to do it full up the container with water, then pump it up, and turn on the nozzle and it sprays."

I was standing next to him, the wind was blowing in my direction and the mist was keeping me cool.

Thanks for sharing Art!

If you have some unique and creative commuting stories to share let Car-free American know!

See you on the road!

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