Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why am I carfree?

Funny, seems like the reasons change.

One day I am carfree;
 for the environment,
another to save money,
better health,
to be cool,
be closer to my community,
to spite the auto industry and oil companies,
to save the world,
I love to bike and walk,
 and I am sure more reasons.

There is no one reason.

Over the years the reasons seem to blend. Changing day by day. That is OK, because they all make sense.
At least they make sense to me.

The first time I considered life without a car was when I met Helen. She worked in a bookstore in Prairie Village. She lived a mile from the store. She did not own a car. She would walk or bike everyday to her job. She was not particularly fit looking. A middle age woman, average body type, and she wore jeans and a t-shirt. She did not ride for any reason. "Not owning a car," she said, "just makes sense for me."

Sometimes we do things for reasons.

Sometimes the reason is; it just makes sense.

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