Wednesday, May 5, 2010

pictures and stories as seen through carfree eyes

See the world from my eyes...
This is Dave on a grocery ride, he lives in Prairie Village. He is now car-lite. Today he told me he fills up his gas tank, at the most, once a month. I love it that he looks so happy! Right on Dave!
This is one of the first electric cars by Porshe, in 1900. The hubs actually generate electricity. 1900! I have three words for the auto industry, wtf. Source, This months magazine, The Economist.

Mother and daughter out for a ride. If you notice we are using the the side walks as this road, 75th and metcalf area is heavily traveled. Therefore it is wiser for the urban cyclists to temporarily use the sidewalk for safety reasons. Just remember pedestrians have the right of way.

Paper airplane contest. Two neighbor kids, Maggie 5, and Meara 7, learned how to make paper airplanes yesterday so I had a contest for the best looking plane and had them put the planes in my spokes so I could judge. Notice how they drew bikes and wheels on the planes. So cute!

I love riding my bike for fun and transportation. Almost every evening, no matter how much I have rode during the day, I go for a bike.  
People ask me, " You ride during the day, and at night, don't you get tired of riding your bike?" 

Do I look tired? This last picture is me crossing a bridge on Tomahawk Greenway Trail at dusk. The expression on my face is pure-joy.
See you on the road! Peace, Bill

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  1. very nice. I appreciate how many people are getting on board with car-freedom
    If you ever want to chat. I'd be happy to share sympathies. I've been car-free my whole life in cities like LA, NYC, and now Portland.
    Aaron (aka bikejunkie)