Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go Slow-pictures, videos, and nature

bike commuter and truck
we all have a story...what is yours? 
nancy's bike, waiting for nancy to finish lunch at Cafe' Provence

I walk and bicycle all around my city and I see, feel, smell, and hear things most people miss and I am sad for them
lonely old schwinn in need of a riding owners

nature is something we as humans all have in common. walking and bicycling allow nature and our primitive wild self to come alive
homeless man, kansas city, what you see is all he owns

living carfree is more about living than just not owning or using a car.                                                           

 it is more natural  to walk or bicycle for transportation

Shad , racer, husband, father of two boys, riding fixie

 living now, and with purpose is what matters
your heart pumping the oxygen rich blood through your veins...that matters too.

live free but go slow
you don't want to miss the ride...

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  1. Bill,

    Your email isn't working for me. I tried replying to your email letter of Saturday and got failure notices -- twice. Is your mailbox overfull?

    Tamia Nelson