Sunday, September 19, 2010

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I love the beginning of Fall. Apples, pumpkins, cooler weather, the air heavy with change, child like anticipation of the holidays, and time spent with friends and family.

I was for a bike ride to a local farmers market yesterday. I  was meandering through old neighborhoods I serendipitously connected paths with a long time cycling neighbor, Abby.

One of the greatest things about walking, biking, or taking mass transit, it allows people to interact if they choose to and promotes a healthier community.

I first met Abby 10 years ago. I would see her riding in the Prairie Village area, sometimes alone, sometimes with her father. I had just started the car-free life, and I was bicycling for the majority of my transportation needs. I noticed they dressed in regular clothes, comfortable shorts with cotton t-shirts and they never seemed to be in a hurry.  They always seemed happy and content while riding. I remember thinking how special their time together must be. Father and daughter, bicycling though the wilds of Kansas City, exploring, talking, engaging in life, how cool.

Since then, I have seen Abby on the road every year, in all kinds of weather and all times of day. She, like me, mostly rides her bike solo.

Our conversations were always kept to a quick, "Hi," or "How are you?" as we passed each other on the streets.


Yesterday, after taking a turn on the same street we found ourselves rolling side by side, this time going in the same direction.

We had a great conversation and Abby became more than just a passing snapshot on the road. Chatting about everything from our jobs, to the types of bikes we like to ride, to learning she sometimes commutes to work on her bike from the Waldo area to downtown KC. Married, with two kids I thought it great she incorporates alternative transportation into her life.

I finally headed to the farmers market, she rode with me and then took off on her own to finish her ride whilst I foraged for fresh veggies from some local organic farmers at the Brookside Farmers Market.

It was good to finally connect with Abby.

See you on the road! Peace.

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